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here is a reproduction of the original 2000 CD liner notes:

"late" is the second (and final) in the music-at-a-distance series, documenting the band's development during the period 1996-1997. adjusting to the idea of creating "band" music despite the physical separation of the players, bindlestiff rose to the challenge and produced this unique body of work.

looking forward to the future, leaving behind many of the familiar ambient trademark sounds (but still retaining that atmospheric flavour), the band moves into hitherto uncharted musical waters...

all songs composed and performed by bryan helm / dave stafford.

the phonographic copyright in these performances / compositions is operated by pureambient records on behalf of the artist, with whom it resides. pureambient,com accepts no reason for artists to give away such copyright interests in their work by virtue of a "common practice" which is out of tune with the times, was always questionable, and is now indefensible. copyright 2000 (the world) bryan helm / dave stafford.

2013 notes:

"late" is the final album of original material from bindlestiff, now working at a slight disadvantage since the members are physically separated, but turning this disadvantage to an advantage whenever possible - this is the first bindlestiff record where overdubbing of any kind occurs.

that sets it apart from the previous five bindlestiff albums, and the additional sonic layering takes some of these pieces to some very unexpected places musically speaking, in one case, on the track "head or tail", I added in "found voices" in the style of bill nelson.

ambient tracks sit alongside active ones quite happily; there is a good sonic diversity on this record, and this collection hints broadly at where this band might have gone had they continued down this somewhat futuristic path. and, the final track, "the farthest road", a track written by bryan (my contribution is a very minimal bit of guitar), is one of the moodiest, most beautiful bindlestiff tracks of all time - so it's only fitting that it be the last piece on the last album. a fitting farewell to one of the most unique bands in history - an ambient looping duo, of all things - bindlestiff.

this was our final farewell to bindlestiff.

dave stafford, pureambient HQ, november 2013


released June 17, 1997

originally released 1997 on cassette only, catalogue SSC3421

remastered / re-released 2000 on compact disc catalogue SSCD3418

all songs copyright 1997 (the world) copyright control 2013 (the world)

all songs composed / performed by bryan helm / dave stafford
except "the farthest road" composed by bryan helm

bryan helm: synthesizer, drum machine, loops

dave stafford: energy bow guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer, loops

all tracks recorded, produced, engineered and mixed (where applicable) by dave stafford for pureambient records

additional production / mixing (where applicable) / advice: bryan helm

a pureambient production 1997 -



all rights reserved


bindlestiff Stirling, UK

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Track Name: christopher robin's dead
Track Name: zippy's parade
Track Name: head or tail
Track Name: dark water search
Track Name: the earth below
Track Name: ...and heaven above
Track Name: this sleeping circus
Track Name: the farthest road